Celia Sawyer shares her interior design tips and tricks

images (6)Founder of the exclusive Knightsbridge interior design company ‘Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors’, first hit our screens as the stylish, sassy and straight talking dealer on Channel 4’s award winning primetime show, Four Rooms, currently filming its fifth season. In addition to being a TV personality, Celia is also a very well established and highly regarded interior designer with property credits that span the globe from Yachts and penthouses to London residences, beach houses and private jets. Becoming an interior designer was a natural evolution for Celia, following on from a number of requests she had for her unique and lavish sense of style and creative eye, post her own private property development renovation and interiors work. It was from here that Celia’s creative and savvy style for interiors came to life and after being asked to work on a plethora of contacts houses, she was then invited to work on a famous footballer’s residence and has never looked back.

Celia Sawyer Shares her interior design expert tips and tricks to re-fresh your living space this spring:

“Spring is here; out with the old, in with the new, it’

10 Tips on Decluttering your life by Jasmine Birtles

images (5)On Saturday March 19th, Jasmine Birtles, founder of www.MoneyMagpie.com is running the first National Clear Your Clutter day. She will be encouraging people all over the UK to de-clutter their homes and lives and gain freedom, peace and a useful pile of cash in the process. See more details at www.clearyourclutterday.co.uk where you can also get a free eBook on how to de-clutter. Here she gives her ten top tips to de-clutter for a richer life.

Do it with a friend. If you have cupboards and drawers overflowing with junk and piles of stuff in the living room that are so old they’re creating their own eco-system, it can be hard to take the plunge and sort them out. Having a practical and organized friend there with you will at least give you the courage to start and once you’ve sorted one area it’s easier to go on to the next and then the next.

Aim for joy! Marie Condo, author of the best-selling ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,’ writes that you should only

How to Maximise your Space

unduhan (7)Before embarking on any project, it is always important to think about the space and the role that you want it to play. What do you want and need from that space; stand back and have a good look. It may be that the space would benefit from removing a wall and combining two smaller rooms into a larger room; or it may simply be a case of creating more light by removing heavy curtains and blinds.

Of course, the larger budget ideas involving structural work are best left to the professionals. However, if you simply want to create the illusion of more space, and create a more workable environment for you or your family, then follow my ‘top 10 tips’ on how to do so on a budget.

1. Consider exactly want you want the space to be for – it is for entertaining, working or sleeping? It sounds obvious, but all good designs are planned around lifestyle. If an area is to be used for more than one purpose, choose furniture that has a dual function such as a sofa bed.

2. Few of us have the luxury of a different room

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Three-Quarters Of UK Couples Postponing Marriage To Buy A House Almost three-quarters of couples livi

unduhan (8)Couples are now choosing their own home over a big wedding

A survey carried out by lettings and estate agency Chestertons shows that for 71% of couples, buying a home is their top financial priority. With average house prices reaching almost two hundred thousand pounds in England and Wales and well over the half-a-million-pound mark in London, saving for a deposit and meeting the mortgage payments mean most couples have little or no spare income to set aside to pay for a wedding.

Instead, couples are choosing to buy a home together and are overlooking the romance of tying the knot. In the UK as a whole, the average age to wed has risen to 32 for men and 30 for women, compared to 28 and 26 in 2001, and there are almost 10 million more people still living at home with parents than there were 20 years ago, according to recent data from the Office for National Statistics.

With house prices rising fast in the UK, there’s little hope for would-be homeowners when it comes to having their nuptials paid for outright by a parent – a separate survey commissioned by

Top ten tips on how to pet-proof your home

Expert tips from trusted pet community, Pawshake

Pets are an important part of many families, bringing much joy and unconditional love. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, with it comes responsibilities – and one of the things you will need to think about is pet proofing your home to make it a safe and secure environment. When you get a new pet all dangers need to be eliminated and all precious surfaces and treasured belongings protected or stowed away. Trailing cables should be tided and concealed and cupboards should be locked. Your pet won’t be able to distinguish between your best pair of shoes or gorgeous cushions from its toys, so it’s up to you to protect both pet and possessions from each other.

Katy Summer, Community Manager at Pawshake – a website and app that allows pet owners to find trusted pet sitters – gives her expert tips to prepping your home for your cuddly companion.

  • Pets, especially puppies and kittens, don’t have the same sense of height or depth as us. Make sure that areas that have high ledges, tables or even high storey windows aren’t easily accessible to your furry friend. Baby gates are also helpful for
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Clueless About Carbon Monoxide

Over a third of UK renters potentially at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning at home

Despite new legal requirements for landlords, research reveals 35% of privately rented homes are not fitted with carbon monoxide alarms, and worryingly only 4% of private tenants can actually identify the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

In a bid to help reduce the number of entirely preventable deaths each year from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, npower surveyed people across the UK to see how at risk the nation is from CO poisoning. With the number of people now renting from private landlords hitting its highest level for 30 years, the research revealed over a third of private tenant’s homes (34.7%) have not been fitted with an alarm and 11% of private renters (11.1%) are unsure if their home is fitted with an alarm.

The results also show that although 95% of the UK say they know what CO poisoning is, less than 6% of the UK (5.5%) can actually identify the most common symptoms. People living in privately rented accommodation are potentially even more at risk, as only 4% (3.7%) can identify the most common symptoms. When looking at other ‘at risk’ groups, only 5% of

Easy clean Moisture-resistant Matte finish Paints

Say goodbye to moisture build up on your bathroom walls thanks to the soft matte finish of Aura Bath & Spa from Benjamin Moore. You can turn your bathroom into a true style sanctuary with this exceptional quality matte paint that has been formulated to repel steam and resist mould and mildew growth in humid areas to deliver truly long lasting, steak-free colour.

Offset the beautiful marble detailing in a traditional space or complement the clean edges and sleek feel of a modern wetroom and bring your walls to life. From subtle and monochromatic to high contrasting and dynamic spaces, the stunning matte finish of the paint will tie all elements of a bathroom scheme together. Whether you opt for a deep warm hue or a crisp cooler colour, Aura Bath & Spa is available in each and every shade of Benjamin Moore’s extensive colour palette, meaning there are absolutely no colour limitations. Offering the same easy-to-clean and moisture-resistant benefits as mid-sheen paints, the beautiful matte finish brings a sense of comfort and style to a room.

Easy to apply with exceptional hide and coverage properties, Aura Bath & Spa is a minimal VOC* paint and a paint and primer in one.

Our Household Habits Revealed

According to a new study by domestic appliance repair company Glotech.co.uk, Brits spend 62 hours making breakfast (2.5 days), 94 hours making lunch (3.9 days), an incredible 213 hours making dinner (8.8 days) and an additional 8 hours preparing snacks throughout the year.

The research also uncovered that people in Britain spend around 160 hours cleaning (6.6 days) and 31 hours vacuuming (1.2 days) every year. However, despite the expansion of gender roles since the 80s, and more and more women working 40 hours a week, the survey shows that a huge gender divide still exists, especially when it comes to housework.

They survey shows that women still do the majority of the cleaning, with females spending 246.71 minutes (4.1 hours) every week cleaning their household. This is over double the amount of time spent by their male counterparts, who clocked up 117.7 minutes (1.9 hours) conducting chores every week, leaving women to do 129.1 hours more cleaning every year.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Heather Brown, a social scientist from the University of Sheffield, said “In our own research we found that if women work the same hours as their male counterparts and then have to do the housework their emotional well-being

Living room tops eBay’s room-oval ranking

Brits prioritise the living room when moving home

Ahead of the peak of home move season, research from eBay has found that when it comes to moving house, over half of Brits (51%) will prioritise the living room as the first room to unpack, swiftly followed by the kitchen (21%), and in third place, the bedroom.

The survey, carried out to mark the launch of eBay’s dedicated home hub, also found that Brits are most likely to upgrade furnishings when moving house, nearly a quarter chose the sofa (23%). Indeed, this is reflected on site, with the online marketplace selling more than 330,000 sofas in the last three months; that’s three every minute, with listings ranging from art deco style three seaters to luxury sofa sets for £8,000.

The second most popular item to upgrade is the bed; with nearly one in five (17%) shifting their focus to the bedroom.

However, there could be trouble in paradise when it comes to the third item to upgrade, with one in ten men opting for a TV (11%) and sales of TV entertainment centres increasing 33% year-on-year on eBay.co.uk. On the other hand, women have been veering towards the more essential kit, like a fridge (7%).[4]

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We Are A Nation Of Clean Freaks But We Should Be Clean Geeks

We clean our houses, but are we doing it right?

As the nation prepares to Spring Clean, a new study has revealed that we are a nation of clean freaks cleaning our home on average three times a week. However, we need to be a nation of clean geeks as our lack of understanding about how to clean effectively is allowing deadly bacteria to thrive in the home. Over two in five (43.4%) people admitted to using just an air freshener to clean and almost half (49.4%) rely on pushing dirt around with a broom.

Whilst we are cleaning regularly, the study by Kärcher has found that we do not understand when is the right time to clean. Three in five (59.2%) use visible signs of dirt as a trigger for cleaning whilst over a quarter (27.4%) will not begin until they smell something unpleasant. This lack of understanding makes our hygiene habits even more disturbing, with over a third admitting to eating food that has been on the kitchen (37.1%) or living room (38.2%) floor, despite the harmful bacteria living there being capable of instantly infecting it.

It seems our poor hygiene habits extends to our pets, with over two

Choosing Your Perfect Bed

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is the bed on which you rest.

Silentnight Marketing Director Nick Booth says “Most people don’t understand the jargon associated with beds and mattresses but hopefully by reading our useful tips, you’ll be one step closer to finding your perfect mattress.”

  • Firstly, size matters. Surprisingly, two people sharing a standard double size bed have only as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a cot. Investing in a larger bed is beneficial as you are less likely to disturb your partner or be disturbed yourself. One of the most common sleeping problems is not having enough space.
  • Know your sizes. We all know what single, doubles and king size ‘is’ but have you ever thought of the size difference between them? The smallest type of adult bed is a single which is approximately 90cm x 190cm as standard, whilst doubles come in at around 135cm x 190cm. If you’re taller, then a king size gives you an extra 10cm in length (150cm x 200cm), while a super king is the same length but a huge 30cm wider (180xm x 200xm). Although dependent on room size, the general rule on bed size should be the bigger
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The top 10 sleep commandments

Following last week’s World Sleep Day, Tielle Love Luxury have put together the top 10 sleep commandments so that you can get the perfect night’s sleep this spring.

Sleep expert and Tielle Love Luxury founder Robert Lancaster-Gaye’s special tips are:

  1. Make sure you invest in the perfect pillow to suit you. For reference, the higher the feather content, the firmer the pillow. Feathers are used to support whilst down is used to provide softness in pillows.
  2. Pillows need replacing much more frequently than duvets. Three years may go by in a flash but that’s over a thousand nights work for your favourite pillow… Give it a rest and buy another!
  3. Check the ‘health’ of your pillow. As good general measure on the ‘health’ of your pillow is to press your extended hand into it and see how quickly it bounces back… The quicker the better, otherwise it’s time to replace it!
  4. Whilst there are recommended sizes for duvet related to standard bed sizes, don’t be afraid to choose a size up to be extra cosy and keep the cold out.
  5. Always take your favourite pillow or duvet to a specialist cleaner for proper washing. They have machines big enough to do the job properly. If you

The Price Of Britain’s Dream Home

Brits are renovating instead of moving to a new home

British homeowners who have made renovations attribute a price tag of £71,621 to create their dream home, according to new research from online savings provider GE Capital Direct. With the current housing shortage putting people off from moving, three in five (60%) say they are instead focusing on their own property to achieve their ideal home.

The good news is that most people vastly underestimate the value these home improvements add, according to property experts who estimate an average return of 125% across the most popular home improvements in Britain. Where properties were once viewed as vehicles for short-term investment, homeowners are now putting down roots to make a long-term home for their families.

The Great Home Improvements research reveals that a garden makeover has the potential to add the most value. With homeowners spending an average of £2,743 on garden renovations and estate agents valuing this improvement at £9,498, people can see a potential 246% return on initial costs. In addition, homeowners who install a brand new central heating system or consider re-vamping the bathroom may see similar returns on costs, at 238% and 210% respectively.

Despite loft conversions being held

Top tips to give your dog a long, happy and healthy life

In 2015, it was estimated that almost half of UK households had a pet, with cats and dogs being the most popular choice for families*. We love our pets so much that to many of us they are another member of the family and as such want to give them the best to help them live a long, happy and healthy life.

Kellie Ceccarelli is the Veterinary Training Manager for Eukanuba, the experts in super premium nutrition for dogs and here are Kellie’s top tips on how you can get more years with you beloved companion…

1. Keep your dog fit and healthy

Kellie says: “Make sure you keep your dog nice and trim. Regular exercise and a high quality diet will ensure your dog remains as close to an ideal weight and body condition as possible. Try not to over feed treats and titbits, opting for healthy lower calorie treats where possible, such as Eukanuba Healthy Extra Treats or Eukanuba Restricted Calorie Rewards.

“Whatever your dog’s age, if you think your canine companion may be overweight speak to your vet or vet nurse as they will be able to identify your dog’s ideal body weight and provide you with a feeding plan to

Discovering Your Personal Interior Style

It is my belief that colour and texture are absolutely essential when it comes to putting your personal stamp on your interior. I am not one of those designers who continually pour out ‘pleasant’ grey and taupe interiors; interiors that are copycat versions of the one before; interiors that are cold and soulless. I believe that every interior should be a reflection of the individual. Each and every exclusive interior should be a gateway into the soul; a space that passionately ‘shouts out loud’ about who that person is, and what that person loves.

I often compare dressing yourself to dressing your home. This seems a far less daunting prospect when it comes to experimenting with new looks, and trying things that you’ve never tried before. Most of us don’t think twice about stepping outside of our comfort zone when it comes to trying a new fashion look, and the same should go for our interiors. Some things you’ll love, and some things you’ll hate; and that’s a good thing.

It is this essential process of trial and error that will not only build your confidence, but will eventually lead you to your original style. How often have you tried something on

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Aggie MacKenzie shares her tips on how to achieve a clean, flea free home

Aggie MacKenzie is working with Bob Martin pet care company to help pet owners tackle fleas in the home. We caught up with her to find out how you can cover all your bases, including the home, when your pet has fleas.

Why do fleas love the warm weather so much?

Fleas absolutely thrive in warm humid weather! They love it between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius so there is always a spike in numbers during the warmer weather and summer months. Eggs can develop into full adults in as FEW as 12 days in conditions like this so it means it’s the ideal weather for an infestation.

Why are they attracted to animal fur in particular?

Fleas like to hide away in live in dark places where dust and debris settles so animal fur is nice and dark for them however only 5% of fleas are actually found on your pet during an infestation the other 95% of fleas are found in the home! They feed off dirt so you will find them by skirting boards, the creases and edges of carpet, crevices of floorboards, under sofas and pet bedding – anywhere the pet likes to sleep and rest!

Why is

Eclectic Living by Anouska Lancaster

To me ‘Eclectic’ is all about freeing yourself from the traditional concept of design and being brave enough to buy the things you want simply because you love them. It’s about breaking the rules and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and showcase your personal style.

The beauty of eclectic living is that things don’t need to match or be neutral. It’s an open invitation to use colour, be bonkers and have fun with bizarre and crazy objects because that is what makes your space different from everyone else’s; and that’s what makes the World an interesting place.

Getting the correct balance in your eclectic interior is absolute key. It may often look as though items have been radically thrown together in varying proportions by chance, but believe it or not, there is a mathematical formula when it comes to creating a harmonious eclectic interior that is pleasing to the eye.

The last thing you want is for your interior to look as though it’s displaying the remnants of a junkyard. To avoid this faux pas, follow my top tips on how to create the perfect eclectic interior that will not only ooze sophistication; but will also showcase

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How to declutter your home

You know how the saying goes: ‘tidy home, tidy mind’. Physical clutter can creates mental clutter. Decluttering can provide a sense of calm and transform your life by applying some much needed order.

But if the idea of spending your summer clearing your clutter gives you a migraine, worry not, as Serena, organisation expert at TaskRabbit is here to share tips to help you combat clutter, freshen up your home and bring a sense of calm and order to your life.

The rule of three

‘Donate it, chuck it, move it’ is the Holy Grail for organised people. Take the 10-10-10 challenge! Give yourself an hour to identify 10 items to throw away, 10 items to donate, and 10 items to be relocated to their proper home. Life is easier when you know exactly where to find something. If you can’t find somewhere to store a particular item, consider whether it’s really something you need.

Why not take one bin bag and see how quickly you can fill it. This doesn’t have to be just for the bin, but could also be used to fill a bag with items to go to your local charity shop. By getting your housemates or your kids involved,

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Budget Wise Ways To Create An Outdoor Room’ By Anouska Lancaster

Budget Wise Ways To Create An Outdoor Room’ By Anouska Lancaster

After a sun-drenched afternoon at the Hampton Court Flower Show earlier this month; I felt inspired and compelled to write an article about how to create an ‘outdoor room’. So many of us struggle for space and can only dream of an extra room for entertaining guests or simply a sanctuary to escape from the children.

Some simple additions to a basic patio or a neglected porch are all it takes to transform an ordinary or wasted space into an open-air oasis.

1. Create walls around a patio or decking area by using trellis or bamboo fencing to give a feeling of enclosure.

2. Grow climbing vines such as grape over an existing pergola to provide the illusion of a roof, and to give you protection from sun and showers.

3. Choose some outdoor sculptures to add interest and create focal points. It may be a stone Buddha on the decking to create a relaxation zone, or simply hanging wind chimes from the trees. 4. Adding decking outside the back doors at the same ground level will give a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors; making the space inside feel twice the

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Rather than move, the owners of this Kent barn conversion consulted the architect Thomas Croft, who remodelled and extended the space to give them the indoor-outdoor lifestyle they craved.


After a decade in their Grade II-listed converted barn in Kent,Pam and Patrick Watts faced a familiar mid-life dilemma. They craved a new, contemporary living space but, with five acres of delightful gardens and a teenager at school, preferred not to move. To satisfy her curiosity, Pam viewed alternatives, including an ultra-modern barn conversion, also in Kent, designed by the Notting Hill-based architect Thomas Croft. It did not suit their needs, but she and Patrick loved Tom’s work. ‘He has a talent for fusing contemporary elements within historic buildings,’ Pam says. They chose to stay put, but in 2009 commissioned Tom to completely remodel and extend their barn.

This was not an overnight transformation. It took a year to get listed-building consent, even though the planners agreed that the previous conversion done in the Seventies had failings and was ripe for revision. ‘It was done in a folksy, vernacular way, with cellular rooms,’ says Tom. It took another year to complete the build. Radically, Tom stripped